Airport and Ground Services

  • Grand Turk International Airport

    13° MBGT GDT N21 26.7 WO71 08.t
    Jet A-1 1100-0100 JASU. Airport of Entry. Customs 0700-1900.

    Grand Turk International Airport serves the capital city and is accessible by scheduled domestic flights from Providenciales and South Caicos.

  • Middle Caicos Airport

    10° N21 50.0WO71 49.0
    Markers, no lights

  • North Caicos International Airport

    10° MBNC NCA N21 55.1 WO71 56..R
    SR-SS Airport of Entry. Customs.

    North Caicos International Airport is served by private charter flights from Providenciales.

  • Pine Cay

    6° MBPI P1C N21 54.0 WO72 06.0

    Pine Cay is a private airstrip which requires prior permission from the owners before operating.

  • Providenciales International Airport

    17° MBPV PLS N21 46.4 WO72 16.0
    F-4, Jet A-1. 1100 – 2300. Airport of Entry. Customs.

    Providenciales International Airport is the  main international gateway to the Turks and Caicos Islands. It’s the only airport with scheduled international flights.

  • South Caicos International Airport

    6° MBSC ZSC N21 30.9 WO71 31.8
    F-4 Jet A-1, 1100-2300. Airport of Entry. Customs.

    South Caicos International Airport is serviced by scheduled domestic flights from Providenciales and Grand Turk.