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During recent years, legislation by the federal and various provincial and state governments have mandated the lowering of (VOC) Volatile Organic Compounds in all manufactured coatings. This has most effected the oil based paints, coatings industry. This has been necessitated by environmental conditions, particularly New Jersey, New York, California in the United States and all of Canada. All segments of the coating industry have been effected and we believe with good reason. For many years the worldwide industry has gone unchecked and the results have left entire regions with deep long last environmental problems.

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Revamping of this legislation is of North America and now of worldwide scope and acceptance and is under a continuing mandate (1993, 1996, 2003) for much stricter VOC levels of coatings in all industries. This of course, is putting tremendous pressure on manufacturers thus creating a need for organic paints, coatings and related building materials which will meet the environmental legislative requirements yet still with stand tough climatic demands around the globe. Many areas of the world are advanced in the development of products that meet these growing requirements and this is very true in Canada and the United States.

The development of ISLAND FLEXTEC ARCHITECTURAL COATINGS began as ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE COATINGS over thirty- six years ago. The designer was firmly committed to eliminate maximum percentages of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the paint and coating formulae. After ten years of search and testing, an environmentally safe series of products were produced. Prior to any government agencies mandating the need for toxic warning labels, FLEXTEC was producing SAFE products. Our coatings then and now contain less volatile organic compounds (VOC) s than any presently required legislation. Most IFAC products have only trace amounts and some none known at all. In fact, IFAC‘s products greatly exceed all known future legislative requirements. This has been and always will be our company mandate. ISLAND FLEXTEC ARCHITECTURAL COATING has in the past and will always endeavor to be a leader in Environmentally Safe Coatings for the building industry.

FLEXTEC products for government contracts such as universities, schools, office buildings and housing projects. The product development program has matured with impute from each of the manufacturing facilities to highly develop the product line for the climatic conditions pursuant to that region.

IFAC has mandated its focus on the specialized needs of the Caribbean, Central and South America. For instance ISLAND FLEXTEC’s roof coatings, RESFLEX and ROOF-COAT TCI are being used to protect and waterproof roofs of asphalt, plywood, concrete, steel and aluminum while capturing the rainwater for human consumption. These products provide a bacterium resistant environment because the spores cannot adhere to the coating to produce mildew as well. This feature also prevents a large percentage of dirt and dust from adhering thus keeping the roof bright white and the drinking water as clean as possible.

Architects and engineers in their pursuit to meet the expanding requirements of the Caribbean and the Americas are looking for proven products that will meet the regions unique needs.

FLEXTEC products have proven themselves with installations from 1971 in both hot and dry and hot and humid island conditions. IFAC has created products that with stand the intensely degrading UV light rays that destroy the resin body and pigments of competitive coating products. IFAC uses organic pigments in a unique process that allows us to confidently warrant that our products will maintain their colors for 10 years in the Caribbean and the Americas and elsewhere. FLEXTEC products will also maintain their flexibility and waterproofing to combat embattlement and mould and fungus growth.

IFAC confidentially stands behind our products and offers some of the best warranties for building materials in the region because our building products are designed and enhanced for the climate of the Caribbean and the Americas.


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