Turks and Caicos Government Offices

Queen Elizabeth II Head of State Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II
HE the Governor
Peter Beckingham
(Photos are courtesy of TCI GIS)
Representative of the Queen, His Excellency the Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands
Government House
Grand Turk
Tel: 649-946-2308/9
Fax: 649-946-2903
Responsible for: Defense, External Affairs, International and Offshore Financial Relations, Internal Security, including the Royal Turks & Caicos Islands Police Force, Appointment of certain Public Officers, Complaints Commissioner, General Orders for the Public Service.GOVERNORS
2016 – Present: John Freeman
2013 – 2016: Peter Beckingham
2011 – 2013: Damian Roderic (Ric) Todd
2008 – 2011: Gordon Wetherell
2005 – 2008: Richard Tauwahre (b. 1959)
2002 – 2005: James Poston (b. 1945)
2000 – 2002: Mervyn Jones (b. 1942)
1996 – 2000: John Kelly (b. 1941)
1993 – 1996: Martin Bourke (b. 1947)
1987 – 1993: Michael J. Bradley (b. 1933)
1982 – 1987: Christopher J. Turner b. (1933)
1978 – 1982: John Clifford Strong (b. 1922)
1975 – 1978: Arthur Christopher Watson (b. 1927)
1973 – 1975: Alexander Graham Mitchell (s. a)

Deputy Governor
The Deputy Governor also acts as Governor when the latter is away from the territory.  Under the Constitution, this position must be held by a native islander.
Government House
Grand Turk
Tel: (649) 946-2801
Fax: (649) 946-2777
Attorney General Hon. Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles
Attorney General
Honorable Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles
Attorney General’s Chambers
South Base, Grand Turk
Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI
Phone (649) 946-2882/4, (649) 946-2801, Ext 10122
Fax (649) 946-2588

Responsible for: Legal Advice to the Turks and Caicos Islands Government, Prosecutions in Criminal Proceedings, Law Revision, Law Reform, Legal Draftsman

Hon. Sharlene Linette Catrwright-Robinson

Ministry of Finance, Investment and Trade

Deputy Premier
Hon. Sean Rickard Astwood

Minister of Border Control and Employment

Hon. Goldray McMillin Ewing Minister of Infrastructure, Housing and Planning
Hon. Edwin Astwood
Minister of Health, Agriculture and Human Services
Hon. Karen Evadne Malcolm Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Library Services
Hon. Vaden Delroy Williams Minister of Home Affairs, Agriculture and Human Services
Hon. Ralph Higgs

Minister of Tourism, Environment, Heritage and Culture
Turks and Caicos Islands flag Auditor

Chief Internal Auditor, South Base
Phone: (649) 946-2518/946-1431
Fax: (649) 9466-1794

Turks & Caicos Islands crest Civil Aviation Department

All Departments 946-2801/ 2138 Fax 946-1185
Director of Civil Aviation 946-2137
Grand Turk Control Tower 946-2570
Grand Turk Airport 946-2233
Providential Control Tower 946-4378
Provo Airport Manager 946-4420 Fax 941-5996

Turks and Caicos Islands flag Customs Department

Grand Turk Airport – 946-2345
Provo Airport – 946-4906
Harbour Master
GT -946-2325 South Dock 946-2993
Provo – 946-4241 South Dock – 946-4476/4241
TCI Chief Customs Officer
Customs Department
South Base, Grand Turk
Tel: 649-946-2993/4
Fax: 649-946-2887
Customs Collector
GT – 946-2993/2994 Fax 926-2887
Provo 946-4241 Fax 946-4453
Grand Turk

Turks & Caicos Islands crest Environmental and Coastal Resources

Fisheries Dept
Grand Turk 946-2970/2801
Providenciales 649-946-4017 Fax 941-3063
Grand Turk Fisheries Dept
South Caicos 946-3306

Finance Department

All Departments 649-946-2935/2937 Fax 946-2557
Grand Turk

Accommodation Tax Office: 946-2935/946-2937
All Departments: 946-2935/946-2937 F: 946-2557
Central Purchasing Unit: 946-2414
Chief Accountant: 946-2908
Companies Registry:946-2801/946-2550
Economist & Statistician: 946-2372
Gaming Inspectorate: 946-4365
Superintendent Offshore Finance Center:
946-2791 F: 946-2821 F (Provo): 946-4718

Turks and Caicos Islands flag Government Information Service (GIS)

Hibiscus Square
Grand Turk
Tel: (649) 946-2801 ext. 40916/40917
Fax: (649) 946-1131
Email: or

Web site:

Turks & Caicos Islands crest Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture

Government Office, Grand Turk
Tel 649-946-2801 Ext 10304/10307
Fax 649-946-2886
Teacher applicants should fax a copy of their CV’s to the establishment Secretary, Dr Linda Williams, located in the Chief Secretary’s Office. 649-946-2886

Ministry of Health

Government Square
Pond Street
Grand Turk
Turks & Caicos Islands, B.W.I.
Secretary of the Health Practitioners’ Board
T: 649.946.2801 ext 60127

Turks and Caicos Islands flag Ministry of Housing

Government Housing Office
Butterfield Square
T: 649-941-7885

Brochure on Home Ownership sponsored by
The Government of Turks & Caicos Islands dated 2006

Turks & Caicos Islands crest Immigration Department

South Base, Grand Turk
Tel: 649-946-2939
Fax: 649-964-2924

US Visa information Click Here

Turks and Caicos Islands flag Judicial Department

Court’s Office: (649) 946-2114
Magistrate’s Office
Phone: (649) 946-2114 Fax: (649) 946-2720

Clerk of the Court

Turks and Caicos Government
Judicial Dept. Grand Turk
Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI
649-946-2114 – Dodley Lewis

Turks & Caicos Islands crest Lands & Survey Department

Land Registry Grand Turk 649-2801 Ext.10701
General Office, Providenciales Tel/Fax 649-941-5416

Turks and Caicos Islands flag National Insurance BoardNational Insurance BoardHead Office:
P.O. Box 250 Misick’s Building
Grand Turk
Tel: (649) 946-1048/9
Fax (649) 946-1362
Web site:

Hilly Ewing Building
Tel: (649) 941-5806
Fax: (649) 941-5854

Turks & Caicos Islands crest Public Works and Utilities

South Base, Grand Turk
Grand Turk 649-946-2526 Fax 946-2900
Providenciales 649-946-4596/Fax 946-4690

Radio Turks and CaicosOfficial Government News Radio, Grand Turk
Found on the Internet at
Found on the following frequencies in TCI
107.7 FM Providenciales
103.9 FM North & Middle Caicos
101.9 FM Grand Turk, Salt Cay & South Caicos

Phone 649 946 2007
Fax 649 946 1600

Turks and Caicos Islands flag Philatelic Bureau

Grand Turk
Church Folly in the Franklin Missick Building
(649) 946-1534 Fax (649) 946-1543
Post Office on Airport Road
(649) 941-3314
Hours: Mon – Thurs 8:00 – 4:30; Friday 8:00 – 4:00

Turks & Caicos Islands crest Planning Department

South Base, Grand Turk
Tel: (649) 94- 62801 / 11402
Butterfield Square, Providenciales
Tel: (649) 94- 64340

Turks and Caicos Islands flag Police HeadquartersTel: 946-2499
Turks & Caicos Islands crest TCI Fire and Rescue Service

Service Headquarters Provo
Industrial Park Providenciales
P O Box 819
Telephone: 941-8090  (08:00-16:30)
Fax: 941 8506
Chief Fire Officer: W.C Jennings (231-0866)
Deputy Chief Officer: Joseph Williams (231-1686)
For all Emergencies call 911 (24 hours)

Turks and Caicos Islands flag National AIDS Coordinator

Mrs. Aldora Robinson
Franklin Missick Building
Church Folly
Grand Turk

Turks & Caicos Islands crest Population and Housing CensusCensus Office: (649) 946-1619
See statics below
Turks and Caicos Islands flag Post Office

Grand Turk: (649) 946-1334
Salt Cay: (649) 946-6985
South Caicos: (649) 946-3211
Providenciales (649) 946-4676

Financial Servical Commission Financial Services Commission

Financial Services Commission (Grand Turk Office)
P. O. Box 173
Harry E. Francis Building
Pond Street
Grand Turk
Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI
Tel: (649) 946 – 2550/2791
Fax: (649) 946 – 2821/1714
Web site:

Financial Services Commission (Providenciales Office)
Caribbean Place Plaza
Leeward Highway
Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI
Tel: (649) 946 – 5399
Fax: (649) 946 – 3596

Web site:

Turks and Caicos Islands flag Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages

Main Office 649-946-2800
Fax (649) 946-2821

TCI Sports Commission Turks & Caicos Islands Sports Commission

Sports Commission
Alvin Parker
Grand Turk
Tel (649) 946-2895
Tel (649) 946-2801 ext 142
Fax (649) 946-1337

Michael S Jules
National Track & Field Coach
Turks & Caicos Islands
1-649-941-7702 (w)
1-649-241-3679 (c)

Turks & Caicos Islands crest

Turks and Caicos Tourist Board
Tourist Board

Tourist arrival figures 2011

Download the
Tourist Board’s
Visitor Brochure


Turks and Caicos Islands Tourist Board
Stubbs Diamond Plaza
Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI
Tel (649) 946-4970/941-5746
Fax (649) 941-5494

Turks and Caicos Islands Tourist Board
Grand Turk Office

Pond Street, PO Box 128
Grand Turk
Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI
Tel (649) 946-2321/2322
Fax (649) 946-2833/2723

Turks and Caicos Islands Tourist Board – New York Office
Ms. Pamela Ewing
HC1 Box B8 Swifwaterta 18370
Tel 646-374-8830(t), 646-375-8835(f)

Turks and Caicos Islands Tourist Board
London Office
Tracey Knight
83 Baker Street
London, WU 6AG

Tel: 440-207-034-7845
Fax: 440-207-222-9025

Turks and Caicos Islands Tourist Board
Canadian Office
Rosemarie Wilson
RR #2
Bancroft, Ontario
Canada K0L 1C0

Tel: 613 332 6472
Fax: 613 332 6473
Cell: 416 819 4319

Turks and Caicos Islands flag Treasury

Main Office: (649) 946-2801 Fax: (649) 946-1415
Sub-Treasury:(649) 946-4571 Fax (649) 941-5105
Email –

Turks & Caicos Islands crest Turks & Caicos Islands Investment Agency

Invest TCI
Courtyard Plaza #2d
Leeward Highway
Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI
Telephone(649) 338 4772

Turks and Caicos Islands Investment Agency
Let us welcome you with open arms. When investing in TCI, the benefits include long term crown leases, duty remissions, work permits, zero taxation, and immigration opportunities. More benefits in the lesser developed Islands.Web page –

Turks and Caicos Islands flag Turks and Caicos Islands National TrustTurks & Caicos National Trust

Turks & Caicos National Trust
P.O. Box 540, Providenciales
Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI
Phone:649 941 5710
Fax:649 941 4258
Email: /

Turks and Caicos Islands Crest Labour Tribunal

Butterfield Square
Downtown Providenciales
Turks & Caicos Islands
Phone (649) 946-8519
Fax (649) 946-8523
Secretary Labour Tribunal Email:

The purpose of the Labour Tribunal is to provide a quick and economical judicial forum for deciding employment disputes. The Labour Tribunal staffs are committed to giving you the best service we can.

Turks and Caicos Islands flag Department of Labour

Sam’s Building
Tel: 649-946-4575 Fax 649-946-4164

Turks and Caicos Islands Crest Department of Economic Planning and Statistics

DEPS Grand Turk Office
Ministry of Finance
South Base, Grand Turk
Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies
Tel: (649) 946-2801 and 1(649) 946-2221
Fax: (649) 946-2557
E-mail: or
Web site:

DEPS Providenciales Office

Tel: (649) 941-5194

Turks and Caicos Islands flag Department of Youth Affairs

Angela Musgrove
National Youth Director
Department of Youth Affairs
P.O.Box 1114, South Dock Road
Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands
Phone (649) 941-7471/ (649) 232-2080 (cell)
Fax (649) 941-7472

General Enquiries Email:

Dulcine Hall
Youth Officer
Phone (649) 941-7471
Fax (649) 941-7472

Nichole Gardiner
Youth Officer
District Commission Office, Bottle Creek, North Caicos
Phone (649) 946-7252
Fax (649) 946-7283

Youth Ambassadors 2012:
Dekkel Simmons – Providenciales
Phildrika Mayam – Providenciales

Turks & Caicos Islands crest E-Conflict World Encyclopedia

Turks and Caicos Islands informationWorld Information is the electronic publishing arm of World of Information, a UK based business information company with 25 years experience of international publishing. In print, on-line or via the Internet, the group provides an essential reference source for business people, governments, international organizations and academics.
Useful Information

Wedding Information
Immigration Information
Customs / Duty Information when moving to TCI

TCI General Stats TCI Select Stats
Estimated % of population over age 65 3.7%
Population (2006) 32,200 % of population under age 15 31.9%
Population (2001) 19,886 Revenue per capita (average) $2,370 per person
Number of household (2001) 7,254 Number of population wired (online) 6.683 per 1,000
Average HH Size (2001) 2.8 World literacy ranking number 28
Mortality Rate (2005) (per 1,000) 1.73 Labour force (2004) estimate 9,684
Imports (‘000 US$) (2005) 301,003 GDP per capita 11,160
Exports (‘000 US$) (2005) 14,723 Growth rate 4.6%
Inflation Rate (%) (2005) 3.7 Inflation 3.7%
Unemployment Rate (%) (2005) 5.1 Residential Home/Income ratio 16 x annual income

*Source: Turks & Caicos Free Press – June 8-22, 2006

Turks and Caicos flag, from

Flag Description: The blue ensign was granted in 1968, three years after the arms. The shield from the arms shows a conch shell and a lobster representing fishing, the islands’ main industry, and a cactus for their flora.

Political Parties

PDM The ‘Freedom Bell’ is synonymous with the Peoples’ Democratic Movement (PDM)
PNP The Progressive National Party (PNP) is identified by a ‘Conch Shell’.
PPP People’s Progressive Party
ElectionsElections are held every 4 years.


The individuals that are allowed to select our representatives are set out in the Elections Ordinance and in the Constitution. A potential voter must either have been born in the Turks & Caicos Islands, or was born to a father or mother that was born in the Turks & Caicos Islands, or he must be a Belonger. In addition, such a person must be 18 years old and must have lived in the Turks & Caicos for a minimum of 12 months in the 2 years prior to the date used to qualify voters for an election. Follow this article

Turks and Caicos Electoral Districts&Reperesentives

The Bight Providenciales,
& Pine Cay & Water CayHon. Porsha Monique Stubbs Smith(PNP)Minister of Health and Human Services
West Road, Grand Turk
Hon. George Alexander Lightbourne(PNP)
Blue Hills, Providenciales

Hon. Goldray McMillin Ewing
Overback, Grand Turk
Five Cays, Providenciales
& West CaicosHon. Sean Rickard Astwood(PDM)
Grand Turk, North
Cheshire Hall,ProvidencialesHon. Amanda A. Misick(PNP)Minister for Environment, Home Affairs and Agriculture South Backsalina, Grand Turk
& Salt Cay
Leeward, Providenciales

Hon. Akierra Missick

Ministrer of Education, Youth, Sport and Culture
South Caicos (North)
& East Caicos
Wheeland, Providenciales

Hon. Vaden Delroy Williams
South Caicos (South) & Big Ambregris Cay
& Little Ambergris Cay
Middle Grand Caicos North Caicos (West) and
& Parrot Cay
North Caicos (East)
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