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  • Barnett and Associates
    ContactPhone : 649-241-5043

    Professional legal services for the international client. Corporate formation. Grand Turk.

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  • Chartered Trust
    ContactPhone : 649-946-4881

    Providenciales based Lawyers and Attorneys.

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  • Corporation Services Ltd.
    ContactPhone : 649-946-4344
    Corporation Services Ltd.

    Considerable practical expertise in this developing area of law. Together with the firm’s licensed company manager the firm provides a total corporate business service.

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  • D’Arceuil & Co
    ContactPhone : 649-941-8939


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  • Dempsey & Company
    ContactPhone : 649-946-4344

    General legal practice on Providenciales. In conjunction with its associated law offices on Grand Turk it is the longest established and only second generation legal practice in the TCI

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  • Duncanson & Company
    ContactPhone : 649-941-4444

    Cheshire House
    PO Box 52
    Leeward Highway
    TCI, BWI

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  • F Chambers Attorneys at Law
    ContactPhone : 649-339-6275Email :
    F Chambers Attorneys at Law

    Quality & professional legal representation, advice and services to all clients both personal & corporate, domestically & internationally. Providenciales

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  • Garland & Co.
    ContactPhone : 649-941-5905

    Unit 12
    Lavista Azul
    Turks and Caicos

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  • Griffiths & Partners
    ContactPhone : 649-941-8250

    Griffiths & Partners offer a range of legal services including family law, corporate and commercial services, intellectual property, real estate and banking and financial advice. Our deep knowledge and industry expertise enables us to develop and build the strategies required to achieve our clients’ goals.

    82 Cherokee Road
    Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands TKCA 1ZZ

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  • Hugh G O’Neill & Co
    ContactPhone : 649-946-4514

    P O Box 267
    BCM Cape Building
    TCI, BWI

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  • Karam & Missick
    ContactPhone : 649-941-5082

    P.O. Box 926
    Suite A201-3
    Regent Village Grace Bay

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  • L’Heureux & Co.
    ContactPhone : 649-941-8830Email :
    L'Heureux & Co.

    As a prominent legal firm in Turks and Caicos Islands, this organization is headed by established attorney, Tony L’heureux who is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Law Society of British Columbia, and the Turks and Caicos Islands Bar. Its services include: commercial property development, international banking, real estate, and corporate/commercial law.

    Grace Bay Road
    35 Saltmills Plaza
    Turks & Caicos Islands
    TKCA 1ZZ

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  • M & S Trust Company Ltd.
    ContactPhone : 649-946-4650

    One of the largest firms of lawyers practicing in the Turks and Caicos Islands offering one of the best Trust Companies.

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  • Mc Collum & Newlands
    ContactPhone : 649-946-4109

    Specializes in company law, finance, contracts, trademarks, immigration, insurance and conveyancing. Providenciales.

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  • Miller. Simons. O’Sullivan
    ContactPhone : 649-946 4650
    Miller. Simons. O'Sullivan

    One of the largest firms practicing in the Turks and Caicos Islands offering a full range of professional services. Providenciales.

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  • Misick & Stanbrook
    ContactPhone : 649-946-4732

    Providing a comprehensive range of legal services both within the TCI and internationally. Service for the legal and corporate requirements of a world wide client base. Providenciales.

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  • Northcote & Co.
    ContactPhone : 649.946.4566

    Established in the TCI in 1984 by British lawyers, specialising in corporate and commercial law, conveyancing, real estate development, immigration and ship registration.

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  • Samuel McCleery
    ContactPhone : 649-946-2818

    Offshore corporate matters in Anguilla and the Turks & Caicos Islands :Member of the Bar in both jurisdictions. Notary Public in both jurisdictions.Grand Turk

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  • Saunders & Co
    ContactPhone : 649-941-4500

    Exceptional skill and knowledge. Areas of practice include but are not limited to: corporate & commercial law, property development, conveyance and real estate law. Providenciales.

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  • Savory & Co.
    ContactPhone : 649-946-4602
    Savory & Co.

    Providing expertise and quality of service in the areas of company and commercial law, development and real estate, and commercial litigation. Providenciales.

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  • Skippings Rutley Attorneys
    ContactPhone : 649-941-8444

    P. O. Box 796
    Unit 201
    Neptune Plaza
    Turks & Caicos Islands

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  • Swann & Swann Attorneys at Law
    ContactPhone : 649-247-5036

    Striving to be the BEST. Domestic & International legal services, including corporate, property, immigration & residency, off-shore companies & investment, trusts & estates  & more….

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  • Temple Financial Group
    ContactPhone : 649-946-5740
    Temple Financial Group

    Comprised of several financial services companies and is designed to offer local investors and international business clients access to a unique, full-service solution under one corporate umbrella.

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  • Twa Marcelin Wolf
    ContactPhone : 649-946-4261

    Attorneys at Law
    P O Box 209
    Chancery Court 1276
    Providenciales, TCI, BWI

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