South Caicos

south-caicos-island-turks-caicosSouth Caicos, one of the smallest islands in the Turks and Caicos archipelago, is known for excellent scuba diving, deep sea fishing and bone fishing. South Caicos is located south of the Bahamas, north of Dominican Republic and east of Cuba and consists of eight square miles of coral rock. Found in South Caicos are the processing plants, the former Coast Guard Station and the School for Field Studies, which is located in the old Admiral’s Arm Inn. Students from abroad come here to study marine and reef ecology. Visitors find South Caicos to be a quiet community of approximately 1,200 friendly people with an interesting history and intriguing scenery worth exploring.




Youthful Spectators Enjoy Annual South Caicos RegattaThe big event on South Caicos is the annual island party, the South Caicos Regatta, attracting locals from throughout the Islands and adventurous visitors in large fishing yachts. This memorable South Caicos event is held at the end of May each year.

South Caicos is the fishing centre of the Islands for queen conch, spiny lobster and bonefish, most of which are exported to the United States. Local fishermen will hire out boat trips to the island reserves of Six Hill Cays and Long Cay, where exceptional fishing, beach-combing and snorkeling can be found. Divers can follow the wall edging a 7,000 foot drop along the Turks Island Passage or weave around in the shallows through elk horn coral, exploring a couple of wrecks.
Experienced divers may venture into caves found on the east end of the island and on Big and Little Ambergris Cays.




South Caicos waters are pristine and full of sea life including dolphins, manta rays, eagle rays, giant grouper, turtles, a wide variety of sharks and the infamous migrating humpback whales during the winter months January through April each year.

Exploring town, Cockburn Harbour is a photographers delight with an abundance of old buildings, walls and gates, old salt warehouses and many colourful boats docked in the harbour. Today, the once famous port and township of Cockburn Harbour makes its living from fishing, conch and lobster. Stop to enjoy local cuisine in any of the little restaurants including ‘Dora’s’ who is famous for her lobster sandwich, and ‘Love’s’ for a refreshing but intoxicating coconut rum drink with a splash of pineapple juice.


houseonthehillNature walks will take you past the old salinas and the boiling hole, miles of non-populated beaches where beach-combing excels, through herds of wild horses and cows and flocks of flamingos, osprey and pelicans. Hike along the ridge-way of the Sail Rock Hills (elevation of 150 feet) and you will have a spectacular panoramic view Belle Sound, fringing reefs, the Turks Island Passage and the bonefish flats of the Caicos Bank.





South Caicos 026The Turks and Caicos Islands have been documented by H.E. Sadler who spent years of research writing a delightful, easily read history book filled with colourful pictures and fascinating history capsules.
For students of history, residents and visitors, this work is a revealing and authoritative account of the Turks and Caicos Islands from the earliest times to the present and an indispensable tool for further study or research on these Islands.

South Caicos Schools

  • The School for Field Studies on South Caicos
  • Ira Stubbs Primary (649) 946-3256
  • Calvary Christian School Saint Patrick Street
  • Marjorie Basden High (649) 946-3361


  • Calvary Baptist Patrick Street
  • Mt Olivet Baptist South Caicos
  • Anglican Church Celebrating the 210th anniversary South Caicos
  • Wesleyan Methodist South Caicos