Turks and Caicos Weather

Turks and Caicos Weather – our islands are blessed with winds that guarantee warm weather year-round, with winter lows averaging a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit and summer highs around 80–90, with a gentle dip at night of about 5 degrees. This make for a climate where you can have fun anytime of the day, this is weather that you can quickly get used to.  Turks and Caicos Weather, almost always perfect for vacationers.

From June 1 to November 30th the Caribbean and Northern Atlantic, look towards the East for signs of tropical disturbances from the coast of Africa, which on arrival to our shores, given the right conditions, have developed into hurricanes. However that shouldn’t discourage visitors at all. If you do happen to get caught in a hurricane, despite everything, hotels, resorts and villas will continue to offer courteous service.