Glow worm tours

Every month the Turks and Caicos Islands is home to one of the world’s most spectacular natural events. About four nights after the moon reaches its fullest, thousands of glow worms light up the clear waters surrounding Providenciales in a stunning mating ritual. Just after the sun sets over the horizon in the country’s picturesque tidal flats, the female releases an egg mass which spirals to the surface of the water emitting a pulsating pale green luminescence.

The glowing male then darts about in the dark ocean until he encounters the mass and spins about causing an even brighter green radiance as he fertilises the eggs.
The spawning cycle of the Odontosyllis enopla is dictated by lunar and solar patterns and only takes place for a few nights every month.
But there are plenty of boat companies that will take you to the glow worm mating sites to make sure you don’t miss the unique event.
Most tours leave the dock just before sunset and offer drinks and snacks as you cruise to the perfect location to enjoy the magical phenomenon in comfort and style.
The whole display starts about one hour after sunset and only lasts from 10 to 30 minutes. Take your camera but make sure you keep your flash turned off to not disturb the glow worms’ amorous meeting

Companies providing Glow Worm Tours

  • Atabeyra Sailing Charter
    ContactPhone : (649) 231-0624
    Atabeyra Sailing Charter

    Real sailing experience aboard the last of the tropical trading schooners. A gaff-rigged vessel carrying two headsails, lots of lines to pull, sails to tend, and maybe take the helm. Providenciales

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  • Caicos Dream Tours
    ContactPhone : (649) 231-7274
    Caicos Dream Tours

    Wonderful Snorkeling Tours! Full day Island hopping adventures with beach BBQ. Half day snorkeling tours includes conch hunt & beach cruising. Specializing in intimate private charters.

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  • Catch the Wave Charter
    ContactPhone : (649) 941-3047

    Small, private Turks and Caicos Islands boat charters through the islands and the secluded beaches. Cave exploration, guided tours, bone fishing and bottom fishing. Providenciales

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  • Silver Deep
    ContactPhone : (649) 946-5612
    Silver Deep

    Turks and Caicos professional boat charter company for private and group excursions, fishing, fly-fishing. Private scuba diving also available. Leeward Marina, Providenciales

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